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Lawn Care Tips


How often you water your lawn depends on the season, grass and soil type. How often you water also depends on how you want you lawn to look. Normally people do not water their lawn enough. However, you can also water your lawn to much. Common knowledge is that your lawn needs moisture (water), nutrients, and air to grow. By over watering, you can continuously saturate your soil to the point were the grass roots lack air and cannot grow deep enough roots. The rule of thumb is that your lawn should receive at least 1 inch of water per week.


Over time weed seeds will sprout. Mostly this can be prevented by regular mowing and keeping your lawn well fed. If the weeds are of the creeping variety use weed killer in a small hand sprayer & spray directly. Another alternative is to use a weed-and-feed combination type product and then follow up with a regular fertilizer application in 2-3 weeks.


If you choose not do business with Always A Clean Cut and decide to do your own lawn care it is recommended that you sharpen the TIPS of the blades on your rotary mower before every usage. When sharpening disconnect the spark plug wire for safety, then use a file to sharpen the blade tip. Most grasses benefit from being mowed from 2-3 inches high. If grass is excessive in height remove in 2-3 inch intervals.


There are several treatments available dry or liquid and in combination with fertilizer. Watch for slight differences in the color, firmness, and appearance of your lawn. These could be the first signs of an insect problem. Before you decide to go out and buy up all kinds of insecticides and treatments, it must be emphasized that the best pest prevention of all is a healthy and vigorously-growing lawn! Pests are less likely to attack and make their home in your lawn if you emphasize good maintenance habits from watering, fertilizing, aeration, thatch control, and mowing -- especially during your grass's growing season.


Fungus attacks all grasses to a differing degree but sharp mowers and adequate fertilizing are a good defense. During periods of humidity watering after 1 or 2 am will wash germinating spores off foliage.

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